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It takes about 30 minutes to complete an Interview.

Problem vs Solution

Struggling with interview anxiety? Need a realistic and safe space to practice your skills?

Skillora offers a safe and realistic environment for practicing interviews for any job role or subject, tailored to your resume. An interview typically lasts about 30 minutes and includes 10 responses from the AI interviewer.

Our AI interviewer adapts to your needs, helping you sharpen your skills. Receive instant feedback for quick improvement. Practice with AI, Gain Confidence, Achieve Success

No credit card needed

Realistic AI Interviews

Experience interviews that feel like talking to a human interviewer, tailored to a wide range of technical and non-technical job roles.

Instant Feedback & Scoring

Receive immediate, actionable feedback on your performance to improve quickly.


Customizable Mock Interviews

Practice your interview with our AI interviewer on any topic or job description you choose.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

With Skillora, you have the freedom to practice in a way that fits your schedule and needs, ensuring you're always prepared for your next big opportunity

Hear It Directly from Our Users

Sayeed Anwar's Avatar

Sayeed Anwar

Senior Engineer

Pune, India

"Skillora's AI-based interview practice app has been a game-changer in my job search journey."

Gowtham M's Avatar

Gowtham M

Programmer Analyst

Cleveland, United States

"I've been using Skillora for 2 months, it has been very useful for my interview preparation. Everyone must try this application to improve your interview skills."

Sunita Nayak's Avatar

Sunita Nayak

Oracle Cloud Consultant

Hyderabad, India

"Skillora is a great AI-platform to practice interviews based on the job description or skill set. It boosts the interviewee confidence as it mimics a real time interview scenario."

For Organizations

Train your students or employees for the real world

Educational Institutions

Colleges, universities, and vocational schools can integrate Skillora into their career services, offering students a cutting-edge AI interview tool to practice for job interviews in various industries.

Corporate Training Programs

Companies can use Skillora to train new recruits and existing employees, ensuring they are well-prepared for internal promotions or external career opportunities.

Career Coaching Services

Career coaches and counselors can leverage Skillora to offer personalized interviews with AI, enhancing their coaching effectiveness.

Recruitment Agencies

Skillora's AI interview tool can assist recruitment firms in prepping and hiring candidates for clients, streamlining the selection process and improving hiring outcomes.


AI-Powered Training

Empower your students or employees with the confidence and skills needed to excel in job interviews, thanks to our AI interview software.



Tailor the interview experience to your organization's needs, from specific job roles to industry-specific questions.


Data-Driven Insights

Track progress and identify common areas for improvement across your cohorts, enabling targeted training.



Whether you’re training a small team or an entire institution, Skillora's AI interview tool can scale to meet your needs.

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